GSAS 248 Digital Microscope

///GSAS 248 Digital Microscope

GSAS 248 is a tabletop digital microscope is a total autofocus digital microscope camera with exchangeable lenses, 2MP high definition, HDMI  connection.gsas_248

The GSAS 248 is easy to setup and operate, suitable for applications in laboratories & classrooms. It can be plugged into a high-resolution monitor with HDMI cable (1080P high quality). A user can control focus, zoom, white balance, exposure value and luminance through the IR remote control. Its lens can be changed and within the focal range, one can choose suitable image parameters and ensure the best image quality.

[box title=”Specifications“]

  • Working distance 21.8cm ~2.2cm
  • Magnification : 12x ~ 132x on 21.5” monitor
  • CMOS Sensor 2 M pixel resolution
  • Dimension : 106 * 152 mm
  • Built-in 30 top view LED lights with adjustable brightness

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