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Altium 365 is the electronics product design platform that unites PCB design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork.

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PCB Design

Design, share, and manufacture, all in the same space with nothing extra to install or configure. Connect to the platform directly from Altium Designer without changing how you already design electronics. Altium 365 requires no additional licenses, and comes included with your Subscription plan.

Design Review and
Sharing on Web

Deliver higher quality products to market faster than your competitors with transparent design reviews and sharing. Share the real-time state of projects with team members, manufacturers, and even customers to review and mark up your designs without ever leaving your design space. Anyone with internet access can view, search, cross probe, and comment on your project from a browser, with no additional Altium Designer licenses required.

Mechanical Design

Turn electronic and mechanical collaboration challenges into a competitive advantage by seamlessly working across domains without loss of intent or time. Bi-directional data transfer between your ECAD and MCAD tools makes it easy to collaborate with your mechanical team and share design revisions as they happen. Native integration with Inventor®, SOLIDWORKS® and PTC Creo® is up to 10x faster than your typical error-prone data exchange methods.

Centralized Cloud

Solve collaboration bottlenecks like design review confusion or lost design data with automatic backups and a centralized location for all of your design assets in the cloud. See exactly what changes were made, and by who, with a complete project history and Git-powered version control built specifically for electronics design. With powerful design reuse and lifecycle management tools, you’ll be able to take advantage of trusted design assets in future projects.

Libraries and
Supply Chain

Electronic components make up to 70% of your total product cost. Altium 365 allows you to quickly make informed and accurate decisions with real-time component data, including lifecycle status from IHS Markit®, and pricing and availability data from Octopart for millions of ready-to-use parts. With cloud component management, you can unify your once disconnected part libraries, making them accessible for your entire team in one secure location.


Keep your team working together cohesively with complete control over how your projects are shared and managed. All of your design data is stored in a central location, so you can decide who sees what with configurable access rights and roles. When changes happen, whether that’s a comment or design update, you’ll know about them instantly with notifications delivered through Altium Designer, Altium 365, or email.


Eliminate costly and time-consuming miscommunications with manufacturing with version-controlled release packages that can be shared in a single click. Your manufacturing partner can view and comment on output data directly in a browser, without having to install any additional software. With all of your manufacturing files stored in one centralized location, you’ll have everything you need for a successful production run within easy reach.


Where the World
Designs Electronics

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