Arm FuSa RTS

Run-Time System for Functional Safety Applications

Arm FuSa RTS is a set of embedded software components qualified for use in the most safety-critical applications in automotive, medical, and industrial systems.

With FuSa RTS, developers receive a robust real-time operating system (RTOS), independent processor abstraction layer, and verified C library that is highly optimized for Cortex-M processors by Arm architecture experts.

While being available as a separately licensable product, FuSa RTS perfectly integrates with Arm Keil MDK and uses the safety-qualified Arm C/C++ compiler to significantly simplify system design, development, validation, and certification processes for safety applications.

Arm FuSa RTS
FuSa RTX RTOS Event Recorder CMSIS-Core Arm FuSa C library Software Test Libraries CMSIS-Core

FuSa RTS components

Arm FuSa RTS package contains following components:

  • FuSa RTX RTOS: deterministic real-time operating system for Arm Cortex-M processors.
  • FuSa Event Recorder: implements functionality to easily record events and collect execution statistics in the application code.
  • FuSa CMSIS-Core:  validated vendor-independent software interface to the processor resources.
  • FuSa C library: a subset of the C library functions suitable for developing safety-critical embedded applications.
  • Safety Package: documentation set explaining the usage of FuSa RTS in a safety context.

Supported safety standards

Arm FuSa RTS is certified for the following safety standards:

  • Automotive:  ISO26262, ASIL D
  • Industrial:      IEC61508, SIL 3
  • Railway:        EN50128,  SIL 4
  • Medical:        IEC62304, Class C

FuSa RTS safety compliance is confirmed by the TÜV Süd Certificate.