Thermal Risk Management (TRM) – Thermal Simulator for electronic cards

An electronic card must work up to a given temperature limit and this depends on the dissipation of the components and the heating of the tracks, taking into account the drop in voltage and intensity and the aeration and ventilation conditions.

The TRM software is a thermal simulator, capable of calculating temperatures from currents and dissipations in three dimensions, it allows testing endurance and ensuring the thermal integrity of your system.

What are the results of the simulation?

  • A thermogram calculated in XY resolution of 0.1 to 0.3 mm on each of the layers
  • An image of current densities and potentials as a function of resistances and voltage drops
  • An image of temperatures as a function of different resistivities and conductivities
  • Virtual thermal coupling temperature
  • Thermal response curves over time as a function of cycles

TRM and other thermal simulators / calculation methodologies:

Example of simulation: printed circuit of 8 layers of a control card

The TRM tool allows users working with CAD to operate without the necessity of having various thermophysical analysis modules and also prevents the user from getting mixed up with complex finite elements, thus, making it the right tool for PCB or assembly designers since it is universal, easy to use at an affordable price.

The following videos below give a brief overview of the software and how it could be interfaced and used with Altium Wizard.

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