GSAS has designed four types of study cards based on 8251/8253, 8255 PPI, 8259 and 8279 peripherals.

These study cards are developed to study in depth features of these peripherals. They can be interfaced with GSAS trainer models such as GSAS 85, GSAS 85A, GSAS 86/88-A, GSAS 86/88-2, GSAS 86E, GSAS 51, GSAS 31 and GSAS 51E. Using them, users can perform experiments to understand basic programming techniques involved in these peripherals.

The main features of these boards are –

  • Operate on single +5V power supply; no external power source is required.
  • Provided with 26 pins & 50 pin FRC connectors for signal expansion and for easy operation.
  • Accompanied by a user’s manual which provides detailed installation and operational instructions.
  • Theory of the study card and sample programs to illustrate different features of the peripherals are also included.

More details are available for each study card below :

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