PathWave Design 2023

RF and Microwave Circuit Design

RF applications are trending towards ever higher millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. Integration densities now require correct assembly, simulation, and verification of multi-technology RF modules.

PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) enables intelligent integration of modules that interconnect RFIC, MMIC, laminate, wafer-level packaging, antenna, and PCB into dense 3D structures, which can avoid costly hardware failures.

With PathWave ADS, you can achieve consistent and timely design wins through RF design verification against wireless standards derived from Keysight RF instrumentation expertise.

Prototype Complex RF systems, Create New Breakthroughs

RF system design challenges include mmWave frequencies, multiple antennas, complex modulation, beam steering, and sophisticated algorithms. Traditional methods like rough estimates, formulas on spreadsheets, and custom tools are insufficient.

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) combines multi-domain modeling with simulation for complex RF systems in one collaborative design environment. Going beyond math-based modeling with a complete design workflow optimized for RF, PathWave System Design brings you decades of Keysight measurement science in RF instrumentation.

First Complete Workflow for Next-Generation Memory Designs

Each generational change of high-speed computing standards provides new features and faster data transfer rates, creating new design challenges. Faster speeds require high-speed precision testing and validation of compliance to the latest standards. Discover powerful, integrated design and simulation capabilities built to handle the complexities of today’s memory design standards, such as LPDDR5 and GDDR6. The design elements within the bundle help you achieve advanced measurements, faster simulations, and critical insights to give you confidence in your designs before build-out.

PathWave ADS instills confidence from design through test using a uniform measurement science applied to compliance-testing simulated waveforms.

Quickly Deliver Accurate SPICE models

The semiconductor industry faces continuing challenges to maximize product performance and yield, decrease time-to-market, and reduce production costs.

The latest PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) release provides a re-designed user interface and usability improvements so you can extract more models in less time. It also supports Python 3, integrated plotting, and linkage to customized installations.

You can also now extract advanced RF models with confidence. The GaN CMC ASM-HEMT extraction example covers trapping and thermal effects, for accurate power amplifier design. Extract and verify your models using industry-standard models and simulators.

Power Electronics Design Software

In contrast to traditional electronics, which is all about handling data, power electronics is all about handling power: generating it, converting it, and moving it from source to load. For designers of power electronics, the faster switching speeds present a challenge.

Traditional design tools are not built to identify the spike voltages induced across the layout parasitics. Post-layout analysis is vital to the design workflow as a step between the pre-layout circuit simulation and physical prototyping steps.

To support this flow, PathWave ADS offers a power electronics library that contains components specifically built for power electronics design.

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