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24 12, 2022

PathWave Design 2023


PathWave Design 2023 RF and Microwave Circuit Design RF applications are trending towards ever higher millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. Integration densities now require correct assembly, simulation, and verification of multi-technology RF modules. PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) enables intelligent integration of modules that interconnect RFIC, MMIC, laminate, wafer-level packaging, antenna, and [...]

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30 07, 2022

Altium Features


Altium Designer Features Altium Designer comes with a full set of powerful features for creating outstanding PCB designs. Variant Manager Meet the demands of a globalized market that requires unique versions of your PCBs Layer Stackup Design Manage More Than Your PCB Layer Stack [...]

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25 01, 2022

Altium Designer 22


Introducing Part Insights Experience Supply Chain Access Critical Supply Chain Intelligence As You Design With Part Insights Experience, you can create designs with real-time component supply information that is always there, always right, and always on without changing the way you work today. Focus more on your design [...]

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22 11, 2021

Webinar | Discover Hidden Features in Altium Designer | Altium India


With every release of Altium Designer, we present to you all of the significant new capabilities available to enhance your design work experience. These major new capabilities often overshadow some lesser-known features that do not get the spotlight they deserve. We want to showcase some of these in this webinar. Many of these Hidden [...]

Webinar | Discover Hidden Features in Altium Designer | Altium India2021-12-01T14:08:04+05:30
15 11, 2021

Webinar | Hierarchical and Multi-Channel Designs with Altium Designer


Having clean and organized project files and logic is about much more than just aesthetics. A logically planned project is easy to navigate for not only the design team but for external stakeholders as well. Adopting a hierarchical design structure in Altium Designer can do just this. You’re able to modularize your schematics into [...]

Webinar | Hierarchical and Multi-Channel Designs with Altium Designer2021-12-01T14:35:14+05:30
11 10, 2021



With Altium Designer, no design is out of your reach! Whether you’re designing a single PCB or a complex system with multiple circuit boards. Altium Designer’s powerful single application provides you with a no-compromise experience for every step of your design journey. Join us for a live webinar to take a peek at Altium’s [...]

Webinar | ALTIUM DESIGNER® : 6 REASONS TO SWITCH DESIGN TOOLS2021-10-25T16:14:57+05:30
5 05, 2021

Field Data Analysis


Field Data Analysis Benefits Basis for further analyses Optimize your scheduled maintenance plan Reduce equipment failures Features Web Application (BQR-Digital) Import failure and maintenance logs Analyze events of a single item or group of items with the same part number Calculate distribution parameters Account for maintenance and upgrade events Calculate Expected RUL [...]

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5 05, 2021



apmOptimizer BQR’s apmOptimizer is an integrated solution for asset maintenance and logistics optimization, as well as for strategic decision making during asset design or overhaul. apmOptimizer calculates the expected asset behavior based on a flexible model which accounts for operation profiles, failures, inspections, maintenance, spare parts, downtime, and cost. apmOptimizer’s optimization modules find [...]

5 05, 2021

Computer Aided Reliability Engineering – CARE


Computer Aided Reliability Engineering (CARE) BQR’s CARE software suite is an integrated one-stop shop for all RAMS analyses, integrated with CAD tools. CARE provides a complete solution to the needs of reliability engineers, mostly used during product design or operation to improve robustness and reliability. The complexity of critical systems is on the [...]

Computer Aided Reliability Engineering – CARE2021-05-05T17:13:58+05:30
5 05, 2021

BQR Fixtress


fiXtress fiXtress is a superior Design for Reliability (DfR) suite, serving as an add-on for any Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool. It is the only tool integrating design error detection with electrical stress, thermal, MTBF and service life prediction at the schematic level, before PCB layout and production. fiXtress modules can either operate [...]

BQR Fixtress2021-05-05T16:48:20+05:30
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