The ESDM industry landscape is evolving and we offer services that suit a wide variety of customer needs.

PCB Design

We at GSAS consider PCB design as an integral link between electronic engineering and prototype manufacturing to ensure your circuit board meets all your requirements with the highest quality design and service. Get in touch with us by clicking below with your needs and our team which consists of technically skilled engineers will be with you to support you and cater all your PCB design needs.

Turn-key Development

The Design, Development, and Deployment of electronics products is a complex and risky process. Each phase of the cycle carries its own unique challenges and requires different types of expertise. Our team has experience in various phases of product development as a manufacturer and distributor of Electronics hardware and software can provide you with services to help you reduce project risk, time-to-market, and cost.

Repair and Maintenance

Electronics circuits are complex in nature and their maintenance or repair is a difficult task unless there is an access to sophisticated tools and effective workflows. GSASMSPL brings in its sophisticated tool-set in partnership with various global partners that specialize in test and diagnostic equipment. Our trained and skilled engineers use these sophisticated repair equipment to ensure that your boards are operational.

GSASMSPL offer a range of training services to help you get the most from Altium’s powerful software. These represent the fastest way to get up and running with the software and will help cut your learning curve.


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