1. Government levies such as GST other duties are charged based on current rules in force. If any revision/variation /re-classification with retrospective rates takes place and if we make any payment to the departments on the supplies made on your behalf, the same will be claimed from you.
  2. If the payment is not received within the due date interest will be charged at 24% PA. Subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction only.
  3. Arbitration Clause: All disputes or Difference whatsoever arising between two parties out of relating to the construction meaning and operation or effect of this supply or the beach of them shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of arbitration of the Indian Council of arbitration is at Bangalore jurisdiction.
  4. Our responsibility ceases once we hand over the goods in good condition to your carriers or agent from our ex. works.
  5. Goods once sold cannot be taken back or exchanged.
  6. Any complaint with reference to the short shipments/damage of the goods should be intimated to us within seven days from the date of invoice. No claim will be entertained thereafter.
  7. Kindly make the payment either by crossed cheque/DD in favor of GSAS Micro Systems Pvt Ltd payable at Bangalore or online fund transfer to our account or through E-Payment gateway.
  8. After Sale support available on phone and emails only.
  9. Warranty is as per GSASMSPL warranty policy.
  10. Products must be used for the intended use only.  Incidental or consequential damages are exclusions and will not apply.
  11. All repairs will be done under our supervision at our facilities only.
  12. Shipping Policy: 2 to 3 Weeks
  13. Refund: No Refund
  14. Cancellation: Within One(1) Week prior dispatch.

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