Universal Programmer GSAS IUP-UXP

Universal Programmer GSAS IUP-UXP is an advanced version of our earlier model GSAS IUP-XP. It works through a PC’s parallel port & USB port. It features a 48pin universal pin driver and an expandable TTL pin driver. It supports over 7000 devices including PAL, GAL, CEPAL, EPLD, PEEL, MAX, MACH, PLSI, EPROM, MPU /MCU etc. GSASIUP-UXP works in various operating systems, Windows, 9x/NT/2000 and XP.


Elprotronic Inc. provides full custom design, prototyping, and consulting services with an emphasis on microcontrollers and digital signal processing applications. Specialized products from Elprotronic include Flash programmers for Texas Instruments MCUs and DSPs.

Flash and Gang Programmers for MSP™, ARM™, and more!

Flash Programmers

GSASMSPL in partnership with Promik offers a full range of trusted hardware and software solutions for flashing and testing programmers, PCB, and completed electronic control units. These products and solutions leverage emerging technologies (e.g., inline manufacturing systems) so customers can be assured of a low cost of ownership. We will also make considerations for adapting the solutions for individual customer requirements.

EE Tools

EE Tools was founded as an Embedded System Product consulting and distributing company for the Microprocessor Development Tools Industry in 1992. It is located in the center of electronics and computer industry, the Silicon Valley. Currently, EE Tools takes its position in the world market as one of the most innovative and prudent company, which provides its clients with one of the most advanced and reliable embedded products in the worldwide market.

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