The debug connection you can rely on

The Arm DSTREAM High-Performance Debug and Trace units enable powerful software debug and optimization on any Arm processor-based hardware target.

With features such as accelerated hardware bring-up for many development platforms and open debug interface for use with third-party tools, DSTREAM debug probes provide a comprehensive solution for the development and debug of complex SoCs when paired with Arm Development Studio.


Second-generation debug and trace probe, enabling debug and widest bandwidth parallel trace up to 19.2Gbs over 32 pins, with an 8GB trace buffer and support for all Arm processors. Includes real-time dynamic monitoring to automatically adjust trace sampling between clock edges, and system autodetection with Arm Development Studio. Supports a range of target connectors including JTAG, MICTOR, CoreSight, and MIPI.


Second-generation Arm debug probe, enabling maximum debug visibility into Arm processors, with 2.4 Gbps parallel trace over 4 pins, streams trace data directly to host machine, system autodetection with Development Studio. Supports a range of target connectors including JTAG, MICTOR, and CoreSight.


Second-generation debug and high-speed serial trace probe with up to 60 Gbps combined lane rate, 8 GB trace buffer and system auto-detection with Arm Development Studio. It is optimized for the resolution of complex software, hardware and timing-related issues, and post-analysis of software execution without the need for any software or hardware instrumentation.

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