PCB Fault Detectors

PCB fault detection and board comparison are key steps while servicing equipment.

We have partnered up with Prot Ar-Ge who designs and manufactures electronic based projects such as Fault Detector and PC Oscilloscope which are cost-effective and efficient tools which gives an in-depth knowledge about the various technical specifications of the board you intend to work on and further they determine and troubleshoot faults at all type electronic circuit boards. They are basically computer-based VI testers.

There are two products in this category – the FADOS9F1 and the FADOS7F1.

 Fados Fault Detector and PC Oscilloscope is a tool with variety of functions under its hood making it cost-effective and efficient

Fados 7F1 : FAult Detector and OScilloscope 7 Functions in 1 

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Fados 9F1 : FAult Detector and OScilloscope 9 Functions in 1 

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Both products are highly capable devices and are useful for determining faults in all types of electronic boards in varied industries such as

  • Medical Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Consumer Electronics Industry

Further details on the features and comparison are given below.

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