FADOS multifunction circuit board testers have been specially developed by ProT Ar-Ge to determine and troubleshoot faults at all type electronic circuit boards. They are basically computer-based VI testers. The FADOS9F1 which stands for FAult Detector and OScilloscope 9 Functions in 1.

2 unique features are added to the FADOS9F1 over the FADOS7F1. The first feature is the Programmable DC Power Supply; It can be adjusted between 0-16V and 20-1500mA with power output; the DC Voltage/Current graphs of the electronic card power supply can be produced. The second feature is the “IR Remote Temperature Measurement Sensor”; this sensor is used to find the components that heat up by drawing too much current.

Power IR-Test : Obtaining heat map in IR Temparature Screen

Power IR-Test : Obtaining heat map in IR Temparature Screen

In this technique, the power cable is connected to the input of intact board and the voltage is adjusted to the maximum value. By pushing the “Power Test” button, the voltage is adjusted from “0” to the desired voltage in 100 mV increments and the voltage-current graph is obtained, which can be recorded when needed. After waiting a few minutes, the temperature map can be obtained by measuring the temperature of the components with the IR sensor.

Then the graph for the intact card is called for testing the defective boards. The maximum current is determined and the supply graph for the defective card is produced. If the defective card draws more current, the temperature of the materials is checked with the IR sensor, allowing to find the material drawing too much current. If the defective card draws less current, this might suggest an open circuit in the supply line. In such a case, the oscilloscope screen is activated to find the areas, where no power is received and to find the broken connection in the line easily. If the defective board produces the same power graph as the intact board, then the VI Tester is activated to find the malfunction.

The FADOS9F1 may be used for Microvolt measurements as well and an output port is provided for attaching a multiplexer. The FADOS products are designed for multiple functions considering all the situations the customer might encounter.

VI Tester Screen : Using the V-I Tester Functions

VI Tester Screen :  Using the V-I Tester Functions

Technical Specifications

Test Voltages: ±1V, ±2V, ±5V, ±10V, ±15V, ±24V

Test Resistance: Current Level: Low 47KΩ, Med1 3.5KΩ, Med2 700Ω, High250Ω

Test Frequencies:

  • Very Low Frequency: 2Hz
  • Low2 Frequency: 4Hz
  • Low1 Frequency: 12Hz
  • Test Frequency: 32.5Hz
  • High Frequency: 355.4 Hz

Number of Channels: 2 (Channel 1 and Channel 2)

Scan Mode: Manual or Automatic. Automatic selection steps of voltage, current, frequency.

DC Power Source: Adjustable between 0-16V and 20-1500mA with power output.

IR (Infrared) Sensor: Shows the difference between 0-120 degrees according to room temperature.

Sampling Rate: 400 K/S

Input Voltage: Probe 1X: ±5 V; Probe 10X: ±50 V

Channel / ADC: 2 Channel / 12 Bit

Sensitivity: 2.5 mv

Image Rate:
 0.02 ms/div….100 ms/div

Instant Memory: 64 Kbyte

Output: Channel 2

Output Voltage: -10V….+10V (Adjustable)

Frequency (Digital): From 0.2 kHz to 25 kHz

Dimensions: 122mm L x113mm W x 235mm H

Weight: 450 gram with all accessories


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