GSAS PCI DIOT card is a Digital I/O and Timer card which finds applications in instrumentation and control, where the digital data from instruments such as Frequency Counters are collected by a PC to observe the status of the digital signals from various sources. These cards can also be used for counting events and pulse width measurement. The output from these PCI DIOT cards can be used to control, observe and actuate external devices like stepper motors, relays, LEDs, etc.

PCI DIOT GSAS Microsystems Pvt Ltd
  • 48-lines I/O Card with three 16 Bit Programmable Timers
  • PCI Add-On card
  • Low Cost Solution
  • 8255 Based
  • Address can be selected by the end user
  • 4 feet FRC cable.
  • Interface modules for training purpose: Keyboard, Elevator, Display, Dual DAC , 12bit 8 channel ADC, Traffic Lights etc.,
  • Power Supply: +5V @ 3A, +12V @ 250mA, -12V @ 250mA, 30V @ 100mA(Required for some of the above interface modules)

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