Where to Buy GWINSTEK

With a strong focus on high quality, economical test and measuring solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, GSAS Microsystems Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of Test and Measuring Instruments.

Moreover, GSASMSPL is the official distributors for Good Will Instrument from Taiwan. Popularly known as GWINSTEK, it has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity, and innovation.


Oscilloscopes are essential tools in the electrical test and measurement field. They visualize how electrical signals vary over time, making them critical for electronics labs, R&D, product development, manufacturing quality control, and after-sales support.

Technology advancements have led to a shift from analog oscilloscopes with CRT displays to Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs). DSOs digitize signals, store testing data, and enable remote control and data transfer. However, analog oscilloscopes retain value by offering real-time signals and waveform displays. Both technologies are crucial for understanding electrical behavior.

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
  • Oscilloscope & Training Kits

Spectrum Analyzers

GW Instek spectrum analyzer lineup fits a broad range of applications in research and design, service and maintenance, manufacturing, educational, and other related fields for the frequency range from 1GHz to 3.25GHz.

  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • RF Training Systems

Signal Generators

GWInstek has been one of the major signal source suppliers for worldwide users with advanced-featured products for decades.

Analog signal: The signal is a continuous function signal in the time domain, and it is also the ubiquitous signal around you.

Digital signal: A digital signal is a digital representation of a discrete-time signal, which is usually obtained from an analog signal.

  • Multi-Channel Function Generators
  • Arbitrary Function Generators
  • Signal Generators
  • DDS Function Generators
  • Analog Function Generators
  • Other Signal Sources

Power Supplies

GW Instek offers more than 100 power supply products, Which are suitable for the requirements of Electronic Assembly Testing, Education, Component Testing, Wireless Product Testing, Burn-in, Battery-Power Product Testing Automotive, Aerospace industries, and so on.

For DC Power Supply, the products can be briefly categorized by the following types, Technic, Programmable or Non-programmable, Single or Multiple Outputs, High Precision or Affordable Price, Dual Range, and Wide Combinations of Voltage and Current, which can be selected to meet the application requirements.

  • Switching DC Power Supplies
  • Linear DC Power Supplies
  • High Voltage DC Power Supplies
  • High Power DC Power Supplies
  • Single Channel DC Power Supplies
  • Multi-Channel DC Power Supplies

AC Power Supplies

GW Instek AC Power Supplies currently can be divided into three categories, AC/DC power source, programmable linear AC power source, and linear AC power source.

  • AC + DC Power Sources
  • AC Power Sources

Electronic Loads

The PEL-3000 Series is a single-channel programmable DC electronic load with 0.01mA current resolution and the current slew rate reaching 16A/ μs. (PEL-3000H: 0.84A/us)

The PEL-2000A series, a multi-channel programmable DC electronic load, was a modulation design that intends to assist users in reserving the augmentation capability of future higher power requirements.

PEL-303xE is a single-channel 300W DC electronic load. Inherited from the PEL-3000 series, the PEL-3000E has an easy-to-read LCD panel and a user-friendly interface.

  • DC Electronic Loads

Digital Meters

GW Instek provides both bench-top and hand-held digital multimeters to meet customers’ needs under different circumstances.

  • Benchtop Digital Multimeters
  • Handheld Digital Multimeters
  • Digital Clamp Meters

LCR Meters

GW Instek provides both bench-top and hand-held digital multimeters to meet customers’ needs under different circumstances.

  • Benchtop LCR Meters
  • Handheld LCR Meters

Safety Testers

Safety testers (also named hi-pot tester/hi-pot tester/hipot test) are designed to ensure the safe operation of DUTs under various operating conditions and environments.

The dielectric withstanding test was the original official name, and it is commonly known as High Potential it has evolved into Hipot for short in the industry today.

Safety testers have very extensive coverage, and Hipot is only closely related to electrical safety tests, which require many international safety regulations such as CE, UL, VDE, etc.

  • Safety Testers (Hi-Pot Tester)
  • Leakage Current Testers
  • Multiplex Scanner Box
  • AC Ground Bond Tester

Other Meters

To provide customers with a complete “one-stop shopping” solution, GW Instek also offers many other special test and measurement instruments for different applications.

  • DC Milli-Ohm Meters
  • Digital IC Testers
  • Precision Current Shunt Meter
  • Automatic Distortion Meters
  • AC Millvolt Meters
  • Frequency Counters
  • AC Power Meters