Length Matching in High Speed Buses


Length Matching in High Speed Buses. With ever increasing speeds in high speed data systems comes a couple of PCB layout challenges. High speed busses like DDR, VME, PCIe just to mention a few can all reach data transfer speeds that require strict timing with very tight tolerances, thereby leaving very little slack in [...]

Length Matching in High Speed Buses2020-11-24T12:07:22+05:30

Altium Designer20 – Now at 30%off


Altium Designer® Uncompromising PCB Design Experience Altium Designer 20 represents decades of innovation and development dedicated to creating a truly unified design environment - one that enables users to effortlessly connect with every facet of the PCB design process. Striking the perfect balance between power and ease of use, Altium Designer has secured its [...]

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Altium Designer Techday – Consumer Electronics


CONSUMER ELECTRONICS All the problems a design can face, multiplied by mass production. On the surface, consumer electronics can seem like the easiest market to design for. While keeping marketing and graphic design people happy with your design, you also have to figure out how to make sure this new product is going to [...]

Altium Designer Techday – Consumer Electronics2020-11-11T11:34:20+05:30

Altium Designer Techday – Contract Engineering


Contract Engineering All the work, none of the credit You’ve worked hard to build your own business on your own terms. But it is a trade- off; for every bit of independence you gain, you also take on more personal responsibility and risk isolation. Your neck is on the line to [...]

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Altium Designer Techday – Communication


Communication Electronics High speed design for demanding environments. You’re an expert in telecommunication technology, and that means you’re always pushing the boundaries, from high speed interfaces such as 100GbE and PCI Express, to microwave and RF designs. What tools can help you get the job done? How can you keep up [...]

Altium Designer Techday – Communication2020-10-21T10:38:12+05:30

Altium Designer Techday – Solutions for Military and Aerospace


MILITARY AND AEROSPACE Designing electronics for military and aerospace applications is rewarding, so why is all the associated paperwork around the design process so time consuming? Wouldn’t it be great to have design tools which dovetail into the product development flow, so you can get productive design work done to specifications, [...]

Altium Designer Techday – Solutions for Military and Aerospace2020-10-14T17:00:12+05:30

Generating the most optimized code for Cortex-M enabled processor cores.


The processor debug is implemented by Embedded Trace Macrocells (ETM trace unit) depending on the target processor. Each ETM trace unit is specific to the processor it is designed for. The feature set varies depending on the use cases anticipated for the different processors, but all CoreSight ETM trace units which [...]

Generating the most optimized code for Cortex-M enabled processor cores.2020-09-28T11:51:31+05:30

Altium Designer Techday – Robotics & Industrial Systems


Robotics & Industrial Systems Electronics used for robotics & industrial systems need to be especially durable and rugged to hold up in harsh conditions, all while maintaining long service lives. At the same time, you need to follow strict industrial SIL and IEC standards, and create unique design features and form [...]

Altium Designer Techday – Robotics & Industrial Systems2020-09-30T16:16:11+05:30

Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M


Evolution of ARM The ARM is well known for its variety of cores in the embedded market, it provides an ocean of choices among its cores letting the designers choose according to their applications ranging  from low power cores in the automation market to high-performance cores in the Defense and avionic sectors. At the beginning [...]

Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M2020-09-18T11:17:00+05:30

Altium Designer Techday – Automobile electronics


AUTOMOBILE ELECTRONICS Highly regulated and highly regimented. Every day, hundreds of millions of miles are travelled in vehicles that hundreds of millions of people rely on for work, play and safety. Every technological advancement needs better control and care in design. And with such complex systems within systems, temperature extremes, dirt, [...]

Altium Designer Techday – Automobile electronics2020-09-22T12:20:52+05:30
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