Understanding Cortex-M Security Features

Secure coding practices are crucial when developing software for Cortex-M processors, especially in applications where security is paramount, such as IoT devices, automotive systems, and industrial control systems.


  • Brief overview of Cortex-M processors and their significance in embedded systems.
  • Importance of secure coding practices in the context of IoT devices, automotive systems, and industrial control applications.
  • Overview of security features available in Cortex-M processors.
  • Introduction to TrustZone, MPU, and NVIC (Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller).
  • Explanation of how these features can be leveraged to enhance the security of embedded systems.

The webinar benefits developers and engineers working on embedded systems and IoT devices. The security can be implemented using the built-in features of the Cortex-M processors like NVIC, MPU, and Trustzone.


Wednesday, 26th June 2024 | 3:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Live Webinar