Altium Designer with Altium 365

The worlds first connected PCB Design experience: Altium Designer with Altium 365

When it comes to PCB Designing, Altium Designer has always been an Uncompromising and promising tool from decades with its continuous updates considering all the possible inputs from designers across the world. The latest Altium updates include path-breaking features in the history PCB design which include Altium 365 as it’s flagship component. In the wake of the global pandemic situations, it has been a tough task for the designers within the organisation to collaborate and complete the designs on time. Altium 365 makes it easier for PCB designers to deal with such issues seamlessly. 

Apart from this, what makes the Designer opt for Altium Designer is its UNIFIED DESIGN ENVIRONMENT, let’s learn more on this feature: 

  • Altium 365
  • Unified Design Environment
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Design
  • Design Data Management
  • Component Management
  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing Outputs


Altium 365

Innovation isn’t accomplished through a single assignment or by the accomplishment of an event, it happens when a diverse set of skills are integrated to effectively solve a problem. Similarly, Altium 365 is born as a solution out of the hurdles that were hindering the PCB designers who were collaborating and working on a single project. It’s always been a tedious process for PCB designers to get a “Go ahead”  from their product managers as the files have to be shared to them and then they need to acknowledge and approve for further processes to follow. This entire process will kill a lot of productive time from designers.

Considering all these facts, Altium came up with an innovative solution which is the worlds first connected design experience: Altium Designer with Altium 365. Design reviews are always critical to being successful but with Altium 365 it’s a cakewalk. Design discussions can be captured through contextual commenting in the web browser or in Altium designer to ensure feedback is considered and actioned effectively.

Electronic collaboration allows engineers across the world to work on a single project. You can always keep your customer updated with your design work by sharing snapshots. It can also be accessible from a web browser from anywhere on any device. Anonymous sharing gives you the ultimate freedom to share it with anyone across the globe with a simple link. All they need is a web browser access, no signup required.


Unified Design Environment

Altium is a unified design solution where one can do schematic capture, PCB Design and 3d modelling of the PCB. The tool provides a complete environment where designers don’t need to compromise anymore. The major issues faced by any designer are project revisions. Whenever there is a change in the schematic, they have to go back to the PCB Design file and update the same manually. whereas in Altium Designer all the schematic changes will reflect in the PCB file. This will actually save a lot of time for the designers and makes the work less hectic.

Modular is always better but Unified is the best, Altium comes with everything needed for a Design engineer from schematic to Gerber. The added features are like Simulation, signal integrity and M-CAD Collaboration to avoid mechanical overlapping prior to manufacturing. Altium designer puts flexible global editing tools at your fingertips. You can also make changes to all the specific components at once. Versatile selection tools allow you to find, filter and change the components you need, fast. All these features make Altium a Unified design solution for PCB Designers.


Schematic Design

Schematic capture will be the first step in the process of PCB Designing. The level of complexity included in this process will reflect on your entire workflow throughout the process. Altium has made it simple for the designers by giving them the power to create multichannel and hierarchical designs effortlessly. You can simplify complex designs into something visually pleasing and easy to follow.

Altium is a rule-driven tool where we can make our own set of rules according to the design. The design always starts from schematic which is why Altium Designer allows you to define high-tech interfaces and their constraints all from the schematic editor. Altium Designer Hierarchical design tools allow you to simplify any complex or multichannel design into manageable logical chunks.


PCB Design

Routing plays a key role in the process of PCB Designing. Altium provides advances routing options apart from the auto-routing. Auto routing is a well-desired option for most of the Designers but not for all. Considering the valuable feedbacks from those remaining fractions, Altium introduces advanced routing options.

Altium allows you to Design the highest quality PCB layouts in a fraction of the time. Altium Designer’s advanced routing engine includes several powerful routing options such as walk around, push, hug and push, ignore obstacle, push and shove, and differential pairs. The layer stack manager has been completely updated and reworked including impedance calculations, materials library, and more.

The Altium designer also provides an advanced 3d engine which will help us to clearly visualize our designs in native 3d view. The 3d visuals can also be saved and shared for further use.

Design Data Management

The most important job in designing is to manage the entire design data. It’s a known fact that every design will definitely contain a number of revisions. The process involved in keeping track of all those design variants is complex and time-consuming. From now let our Altium Designer do it for you, manage any number of your design variants without having to create separate projects or versions of your design.

Altium also helps you in doing real-time BOM management. The global electronics market is changing rapidly, we never know when a component is going to be obsolete. It applies to the prices as well, as we can’t continuously keep on track of the component prices. To tackle these kinds of issue Altium came up with Active BOM. ActiveBOM provides you with automation by supplying part information such as availability and price from selected suppliers, so there are never any surprises.

Component Management

Altium provides a complete library management solution with its concord pro. Altium Concord Pro is your single source for complete component data. It includes real-time sourcing information, component traceability within designs. Concord pro also allows collaborating with your mechanical design team. All these things will happen within the unified environment of Altium Designer. 


With Altium Concord pro you can make design decisions with ease and confidence. With a single shared library, we can get a standardized method for defining components and visibility into component status. Altium Concord Pro also provides one place to easily find, create and reuse component data you can trust.