FADOS Multiplexer

FADOS Multiplexer Module uses for testing and checking electronic circuit boards. Check and create VI graph of 96 or more electronic circuit points in a while.

ATTENTION:FADOS MUX Module works with FADOS9F1 together. FADOS9F1 for MUX software is different than standart FADOS9F1. FADOS MUX is not suitable to standart FADOS9F1.

FADOS Multiplexer Module works with FADOS 9F1. Its main purpose is to create VI graphs of circuit boards that would enable the users to compare a large number of test points in a short period of time.

Front View

Rear View

FADOS Multiplexer Module has 96 output pins which are divided into two channels.

The Channel-A which is placed at the front of the Multiplexer Module has 48 output pins.

The Channel-B which is placed at the rear of the Multiplexer Module has 48 output pins.

Fados Mux modules can be connected parallel to each other. The number of output pins can be scaled up depending upon the number of Mux modules connected parallelly. For instance, If 2 Fados Mux modules are connected parallelly, the number of output pins that can be used is 192 pins. The multiplexer interface is launched from the FADOS-9f1 program. It is a very user-friendly interface that allows the users to inspect multiple test points and troubleshoot them with ease.