The SYSTEM 8 range is made up of modules that can be combined together to suit a variety of test applications and requirements. The range provides comprehensive fault-diagnosis capabilities, including in-circuit functional testing and discrete measurements, and is controlled by the SYSTEM 8 software. Modules can be installed in desktop PCs or combined together in an external case with a USB interface.

Module Description

Every customer has varied solution needs for their organizations. We offer completely customisable products that can be adapted to your needs using the core modules. The System 8 range is a modular diagnostic solution from ABI that comprises  6 modules which are described in the sections below.

Advanced Matrix Scanner (AMS)

The SYSTEM 8 Advanced Matrix Scanner is the latest addition to the SYSTEM 8 range and offers new and unique features for the testing and diagnostics of components under power-off conditions.
Using a novel approach to V/I signature testing, the SYSTEM 8 AMS increases test coverage by varying the frequency of the test signal to observe the DUT’s (Device Under Test) response over a frequency range. This can lead to finding faults not detectable with other instruments.
The AMS also benefits from 64 channels to speed up acquisition and to test high pin count devices as well as complete PCBs. Single channels can also be used for local analysis. Thanks to configurable pulse outputs, dynamic tests can be run on gate-activated devices (triacs, transistors, SCRs etc…) with no power applied to the board.

  • V/I signature analysis with frequency range
  • V/I signature analysis (static frequency)
  • Matrix V/I analysis (multiple references)
  • Dynamic V/T analysis (pulse outputs)
  • Automatic live comparison
  • Automatic comparison with saved mask
  • Interactive test sequences with the ABI software
  • 64 channels per module (expandable to 2,048 channels)
  • 4 single channels
  • 4 configurable pulse outputs
  • 4 ground connections

Advanced Test Module (ATM)

The ATM is a solution designed for the test and diagnostics of all digital ICs and PCBs from all logic families, including TTL, CMOS, LVTTL, and ECL. The module offers power on and power off tests, either in or out of circuit. With high specifications and up to 2,048 channels, the module is ideal for both component and PCB testing.

Test Capabilities: Truth table tests with a library (in/out of circuit), custom logic tests (all logic), PCB functional tests, connection tests, voltage tests, thermal tests, V/I tests, IC identification, short locator.

Board Fault Locator Module (BFL)

The BFL is aimed at testing TTL/CMOS digital ICs. With 64 test channels, it offers functional testing (in-circuit / out-of-circuit), connections and voltage tests as well as V/I analysis and thermal test. Up to 4 modules can be combined together to offer 256 test channels.
Test capabilities: truth table tests with library (in/out of circuit), custom TTL logic tests, connections tests, voltage tests, thermal tests, V/I tests, IC identification, short locator, EPROM verifier.

Analogue IC Tester Module (AICT)

The AICT allows in-circuit functional testing of analogue ICs and discrete components. All common analogue devices can be tested as they are configured on the PCB. The AICT also includes a fully configurable V/I tester equipped with a pulse generator to test gate-activated devices.
Test capabilities: functional tests, connections tests, voltage tests, signature analysis (VI),
matrix V/I tests (out-of-circuit optional), V/T tests with pulse.

Multiple Instrument Station Module (MIS)

The MIS 4 provides 8 high specification test and measurement instruments in one compact module. Ideal for design, education or for general purpose workbench use, the MIS 4 saves you space and time offering a virtual digital storage oscilloscope, a virtual floating digital multimeter, a virtual arbitrary waveform generator, a virtual frequency and event counter, a programmable I/O, an integrated calculator with data logging, TestFlow manager for automated fault-finding sequences and customisable instruments. For optimised utilization, standard instruments can be customised or new ones can be designed to suit applications.

Variable Power Supply Module (VPS)

The VPS provides the necessary supply voltages to the unit under test. The three outputs are variable in voltage and offer over voltage protection or current limitation.

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