8051 family of micro-controllers and its derivatives are increasingly becoming popular for instrumentation and control applications due to its speed and powerful instruction set which are essential for real-time applications. This has created the need for a good trainer and development tools.gsas_51E
GSAS 51E (an economically priced microcontroller trainer) provides a complete solution for this requirement. It can be used as a flexible instructional aid in academic institutions and as a powerful development kit in R&D Labs.

The system firmware provides stand-alone monitor, serial monitor, one-line assembler, disassembler, driver for EPROM programmer and Parallel printer interfaces. GSAS 51E is supplied with comprehensive and user-friendly documentation as well as windows based communication software with online-help. The GSAS 51E trainer communicates with host PC through its onboard USB or RS-232C in serial mode.

The main features of this GSAS 51E are:

GSAS 51E operates on single +5V power supply either stand – alone mode or with host PC through its USB or RS-232C interface in serial mode.
Stand-alone and serial monitor, support the entry of user programs, editing and debugging facilities like single stepping and full speed execution of user programs.
On-board memory is 128Kbytes of which 88 Kbytes RAM has battery backup provision.
Total on-board memory is 128K bytes of which 88K bytes RAM has battery backup provision.
48 I/O lines and four programmable interval timers.
9 Port lines of MCU brought out to the right angle ribbon cable connector including INT1.
Buffered Bus Signals are available through flat ribbon cable connectors for easy system expansion.
Driver Software for file upload/download to/from host PC.

Some accessories are optional, please click on the pane below for more information.

[Optional Accessories]

  1. Power Adapter: GSAS ADP-DC5; +5V@3A. (SMPS)
  2. PC keyboard for stand-alone mode of operation.
  3. EPROM Programmer Interface (2716 through 27512).
  4. 8751 adapter for the above interface.
  5. Interface modules for training purposes: Keyboard Elevator,7 Segment Display Dual DAC, 12 bit 8 Chanel ADC, Logic Controller, Traffic Lights, Tone Generator, Stepper Motor, Opto Isolated Ouptut, Relay Output, DC Motor Interface, TXDR ADC etc.,
  6. Study cards for 8255, 8279, 8251/8253 and 8259.
  7. Power Supply : +5V @ 3A; ±12V @250mA; +30V @100mA (required for some of the above)

For more details and specifications please refer to our data sheet: GSAS 51E Datasheet