GSAS 85 is a microprocessor trainer with standard features like small keypad, LED display, monitor program etc, has become a very popular device for training and development, probably due to its low cost. As microprocessor applications have become more popular, the requirement for a more advanced microcomputer trainer with powerful system software and additional hardware started growing.gsas_85

GSAS 85 is Complete single board microcomputer used for software and hardware development in research institutions and R &D labs.

The system firmware provides a stand-alone monitor, assembler, disassembler, Serial monitor and Drivers for EPROM Programmer and Parallel Printer Interface. GSAS 85 is supplied with comprehensive and user friendly documentation as well as windows based communication software with on-line help.

The main features of this board are:
GSAS 85 operates on SINGLE +5V power supply in either onboard keypad mode or from host PC through RS-232-C interface.
In both stand alone and serial modes, user can enter programs, run them all full speed and debug them through breakpoint and single step facilities.
GSAS 85 allows program editing through INSERT, DELETE and BLOCK MOVE commands
GSAS 85 allows direct read/write from/to a specified I/O ports using IN BYTE and OUT BYTE commands.
Onboard flat ribbon cable connectors for system expansion and two user-defined function keys.
Onboard battery backup for RAM
It supports variety of interfaces most of them are common for all GSAS trainers.
Built in Text Editor, Assembler and Disassembler Facilities in serial mode.
File Upload/download to/from host PC using DOS and Windows based driver software.
Some accessories are optional, please click on the pane below for more information.

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  1. Power Adapter : GSAS ADP-DC5 ; +5V @ 3A (SMPS)
  2. Interface modules for training purpose: Keyboard, Elevator, Display, ADC with DAC, Dual DAC, 12 bit 8 Channel ADC, Logic Controller, Traffic Lights, Tone Generator, Stepper Motor, Opto Isolated Output, Relay Output, DC Motor Interface, TXDR ADC etc.
  3. EPROM Programmer Interface (2716 through 27512).
  4. 8751 adapter for the above interface.
  5. Power Supply : GSAS PSM2 +5V @ 3A, ±12V @ 250mA; +30V @ 100mA (required for some of the above interface).
  6. Study cards for 8255, 8279, 8251/8253 and 8259.
  7. Cycle Step Interface
  8. Parallel Printer cable.
  9. RS-232C Serial Cable.


For more details and specifications please refer to our data sheet: GSAS 85 Datasheet
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