GSAS 86/88-A is an advanced version of our popular model GSAS 86/88-A. It is a powerful, general-purpose 16-bit microprocessor trainer. The system expansion can be easily done through the system bus connectors.GSAS 86/88-A comes with a keyboard monitor, serial monitor, single line assembler, disassembler, and driver programs for parallel printer interface, and PROM programmer interface. GSAS 86/88-A is delivered with comprehensive user-friendly documentation and a Windows-based communication package with online help.gsas_8688A

The kit can be operated in two modes:

  • Stand-alone mode using LCD and optional PC keyboard
  • Terminal emulator mode with host PC. GSAS 86/88-A serial monitor supports all the standard commands in terminal emulator mode

Also object code files generated for the applications developed using PC native tools like MASM, TASM, etc. can be downloaded to GSAS 86/88-A from the PC.

The advanced features of GSAS 86/88-A make it more suitable for the current-day application of industries, R & D Labs, and for the revised syllabus of all the educational ( Engineering, Science and Technology ) institutions.

The main features are :

GSAS 86/88-A operates either in stand-alone mode (keyboard and LCD) or with host PC through its USB/RS-232-C / RS-485 interface in serial mode works with either 8086 CPU in Max Mode at a frequency of 8 MHz
Provision for on-board 8087 NDP
Keyboard and serial monitor programs support the entry of user programs, editing and debugging facilities like breakpoint, single-step and full-speed execution of user program
Built-in one line Assembler, Disassembler in both serial and stand-alone modes of operation
Provision for on-board memory of 1M bytes of which 896K bytes of RAM has optional battery backup
On-board parallel printer port
On-board 8 bit DAC using DAC 0800
Provision for on-board 12 bit ADC using AD1674
48 I/O lines and three 16-bit programmable interval timers
On-board interrupts controller handles eight external interrupt sources Provision for cascading through expansion connector
Provision for system bus expansion through ribbon cable connector
Driver Software for file upload / download to / from host PC

Some accessories are optional with this device, please click on the pane below to view the list

[Optional Accessories]

  1. Power Supply : +5V @ 3A, ±12V @ 250mA, 30V @ 100mA.
  2. PC keyboard for stand-alone mode of operation
  3. 8087 Numeric Data Processor.
  4. EPROM Programmer Interface (2716 through 27512)
  5. Interface modules for training purposes: Keyboard.Elevator, Display, Dual DAC,12 bit 8 Channel ADC, Logic Controller, Traffic Lights, Tone Generator. Stepper Motor, Opto Isolated Input, Opto Isolated Output, Relay Output, DC Motor Interface, Temperature Controller Interface etc.
  6. Study card modules for 8255, 8251 / 8253, 8279 and 8259.
  7. On board 12-bit ADC (ADC1674) with 8-channel MUX.
  8. Parallel Printer cable.
  9. RS-485 interface
  10. 3.6V Ni-Cd Battery backup for RAM.
  11. RS-232 Cable.

For more details and specifications please refer to our data sheet: GSAS 86-88-A