GSAS-86/88E is an economical version of our advanced microprocessor trainer GSAS-86/88-3. It is a powerful, general-purpose microprocessor trainer which can be operated either with 8086 CPU or 8088 CPU in maximum mode of operation. It can be configured for different modes of operation.gsas_8688E

The basic system can be expanded through the system bus connector. The powerful firmware provides a keyboard monitor, serial monitor, one-line assembler, disassembler, and driver programs for parallel printer interface and EPROM programmer interface. GSAS-86/88E is supported with comprehensive and user-friendly documentation.

GSAS-86/88E can communicate with the host PC using the DOS/Windows-based Driver Software supplied. All the standard commands of the serial monitor of GSAS-86/88E are fully supported by this package with online help. In addition, object code files (HEX files generated using PC native tools like MASM, TASM) can be downloaded to GSAS-86/88E from the host PC, permitting the development in R&D labs and industries or for training in research and educational institutions. This Trainer communicates with host PC through USB or RS-232C in serial mode.

The main features of the board are:

GSAS 86/88E operates on single +5V power supply either in stand-alone mode or with host PC through its USB or RS-232C interface in serial mode.
Works with either 8086 or 8088 CPU at 5 MHz.
Keyboard and serial monitor support the entry of user Program, editing and debugging facilities like breakpoint, Single-step and full speed execution of user program.
Built-in One Line Assembler, Disassembler in both serial and stand-alone modes of operation.
GSAS 86/88E has provision for on-board memory of 192K Bytes inclusive of 64K bytes of RAM with optional battery backup.
Monitor resident parallel printer driver.
48 I/O lines and three 16-bit programmable interval timers.
Provision for system bus expansion through two 26 pin flat ribbon cable connectors.
User-friendly menu-driven windows driver software for file upload/download to/from host PC.
64K Bytes of software breakpoints implemented through Windows driver

[Optional Accessories]

  1. Power Adapter :+5V @ 3A (SMPS).
  2. PC keyboard for stand-alone mode of operation.
  3. EPROM Programmer Interface to program 2716 through 27512.
  4. Interface modules for training purpose: Calculator type keypad, HEX Keypad, Elevator, Display, Dual DAC, 12 bit 8 channel ADC, Tone Generator, Stepper Motor, Opto-Isolated Input, Opto-Isolated Output,Relay Output, DC Motor Interface, TXDR ADC, Etc.,
  5. Study Cards for 8255, 8279, 8251/8253 and 8259.
  6. Power Supply: +5V@3A; ±12V@250mA; and +30V@100mA (required for some of the above interfaces)
  7. 3.6V Ni-Cd battery for power backup to RAM.
  8. Parallel Printer Interface Cable.
  9. RS-232C cable.

For more details and specifications please refer to our data sheet: GSAS 86 E