GSAS MCB51 is a development board and supports a wide variety of 8051 (with on chip ROM) compatible 8-bit micro-controllers. The 8051 family of micro-controllers are extensively used for embedded and real-time applications. 
This board is designed to be a general-purpose development board for single-chip MCU applications. The MCB51 development board is built around Atmel AT89C51ED2 / RD2 micro-controller which has 64K bytes of on-chip program memory.

The main features are :

GSAS MCB 51 operates on both USB as well as +5V DC external power supply
Optional Power Supply is required if GSAS Interface modules are to be connected to the GSAS MCB 51 board
On-chip Flash Monitor supports Keil μVision Debugger, to download and debug the user application programs
The Flash Monitor assists the user with the debugging features like Source level debugging, Single step, Break points, Full speed execution etc., available in Keil μVision Debugger
On-board (16×2) LCD
24 port lines (i.e. P0, P1 and P2) are terminated on a 26-pin IDC header connector, which are compatible to GSAS Interface Modules
All the CPU Signals are terminated on a 44-pin IDC header connector (site) for system expansion
GSAS MCB 51 driver CD contains Keil evaluation software, sample programs for interface modules, Atmel’s FLIP utility for ISP, FTDI USB drivers etc.
LED Indication for Transimtting(Txd(P3.1)) and Recieving(Rxd(P3.0))

We also provide a few optional accessories, please click on pane below for more information.

[Optional Accessories]

  • Power Adaptor : GSAS ADP DC5; SMPS +5V DC @ 3A
  • GSAS Interface modules for training purpose: Calculator type Keyboard, Elevator,7 Segment Display, Dual DAC, 12 bit 8 Channel ADC, Logic Controller, Traffic Lights, Tone Generator, Stepper Motor, Opto Isolated Output, Relay Output, DC Motor Interface, TXDR ADC etc.,
  • Power supply : GSAS PS M2; + 5V DC@3A, ±12V @ 250mA and +30V@100mA (required for some of the above interface).
  • Interface Extension : The signals from 26 pin IDC header connector are brought out to four 26 pin IDC header connectors. Model : GSAS IF EXTN
  • RS-232-C cable

For more details and specifications please refer to our data sheet: GSAS MCB 51