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31 07, 2020

Gang Programmers


EE Tools was founded as an Embedded System Product consulting and distributing company for the Microprocessor Development Tools Industry in 1992. It is located in the center of electronics and computer industry, the Silicon Valley. Currently, EE Tools takes its position in the world market as one of the most innovative and prudent [...]

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30 04, 2014

Intelligent Universal Programmer


Intelligent Universal Programmer i.e GSAS IUP-UXP is an advanced version of our earlier model GSAS IUP-XP, which works through a PC’s parallel port & USB port. It features a 48pin universal pin driver and an expandable TTL pin driver. This Intelligent Universal Programmer supports over 7000 devices including PAL, GAL, CEPAL, EPLD, PEEL, [...]

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