23 06, 2022

Reyax LoRa Products


Reyax LoRa Products LoRa® (Long-Range) is a spread spectrum modulation technique for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) that offers features for wireless applications in long-range, low-power consumption, and secure communication. LoRa® has a greater range than Cellular networks and can help designers easily integrate into different infrastructures with low-cost battery-operated applications. [...]

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6 06, 2022



GSAS Micro Systems Pvt Ltd (GSASMSPL) partnered with REYAX Technology Co., Ltd Taiwan to provide IoT products in India. Reyax Technology is a total solutions provider of high-quality IoT modules, engineering designs, and supply chain services to electronics manufacturers. Our products contain the MQTT IoT Cloud Platform/Bluetooth/Wi-fi/GPS/Lora/NB-IoT modules that can be applied in fields [...]

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