28 12, 2017

Digital Microscopes


GSAS 248 3D DIGITAL MICROSCOPE GSAS 248 3D Digital Microscope has a different and unique lens design than the other digital microscope models, it has a top view inspection and also a side view inspection. Its lens structure allows us to conveniently switch between 2D & 3D 360-degree inspection mode with the FoV [...]

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30 04, 2014

GSAS 236 Digital Microscope


GSAS 236 tabletop digital microscope is a total auto focus digital microscope camera with exchangeable lenses, 5MP high definition, HDMI and USB connection. The GSAS 236 is easy to setup and operate, suitable for applications in laboratories &classrooms. It can be plugged into a computer with USB cable, or a high-resolution monitor with HDMI [...]

GSAS 236 Digital Microscope2018-06-07T10:55:31+05:30
30 04, 2014

GSAS 223 Portable Microscope


GSAS 223 is a portable digital microscope having a full color display which facilitates users to inspect objects, capture images in high magnifications and record videos that can be transferred to a PC. The driver software bundled with the microscope has many useful functions like measurement of length, angle, and area of objects etc. [...]

GSAS 223 Portable Microscope2018-06-07T11:17:41+05:30
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