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28 12, 2017

Digital Microscopes


Datasheet GSAS 248 3D DIGITAL MICROSCOPE GSAS 248 3D Digital Microscope has a different and unique lens design than the other digital microscope models, it has a top view inspection and also a side view inspection. Its lens structure allows us to conveniently switch between 2D & 3D [...]

Digital Microscopes2023-11-09T15:35:56+05:30
30 04, 2014

GSAS 225 USB based Microscope


GSAS  225 is a USB based Digital Autofocus Microscope which facilitates users to inspect objects, capture images in high magnifications and record videos. The driver software bundled with the microscope has many useful functions like measurement of length, angle, and area of objects etc. The GSAS 225 is ideal for a [...]

GSAS 225 USB based Microscope2018-06-07T11:48:30+05:30
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