The IPC’s PCB Design Contest , a platform which would challenge the expertise of several PCB design engineers also provide an opportunity to network and compete with the best in the business.

Registrations are open to all PCB designers with advanced knowledge in electronic product design, till August 17th, 2018. Upon successful registration, a deadline will be provided while providing the design task for the competition. The design task will be performed at the contestant’s workplace for onward submission to IPC India.

The contest will recognize the best designers in India as judged on the following criteria:

  • CAD Tool expertise
  • Perception of Design technology and Application of Design Standard
  • Overall understanding of PCB design requirements.
  • Sensitivity to consequences of Design Constraints on Down stream.
  • Activities like Fabrication and Assembly

The participation fee would be Rs.3000/- for an IPC member and Rs.6000/- for a Non member. (Applicable GST extra )

The winner of the contest will receive a complimentary registration to an IPC CID+ certification ( if already a CID ) . If the winner does not already have CID credentials, a complimentary entry to IPC’s CID certification course will be awarded, which will be conducted at IPC India training centre .

If interested, please click on the button below to download the editable registration form which you would have to fill and mail to the following email addresses:-

Sunil Dixit [+91-7338466578] (    |   Pallavi Shekar [+91-7338466578] ( )