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Altium Designer: Key Benefits of ActiveBOM

In the design process, the project BOM is one of the first document created, as the key components are costed for the initial project pricing estimate, and it is one of the last documents to be finalized as the project is handed over for fabrication, assembly, and test. And that BOM is much more than a list of the electronic components fitted to the board – it must also detail every screw, standoff, sticker, heatsink, and tube of glue required to finish the sub-assembly that the PCB becomes a part of.

ActiveBOM is a powerful Bill of Materials management editor that brings comprehensive BOM management tools together with Altium powerful part-information aggregation technologies, helping you manage the component selection challenge.

● Finding components that support project goals
● Early identification of at-risk components
● Coping with part shortages at build time
● Counterfeit part risks
● Environmental compliance
● Designing to cost
● Part lifecycle dynamics