Medical and bioscience devices hold much promise for our future, enriching lives, enhancing lifestyle, providing better wellness, and promising more drug-free remedies every year.


A patient’s survival may be depending on the devices you design. Even presumably low-risk devices can be rendered harmful if misused, and you can’t always predict who is using your product in a stressful situation. That’s why you need tools that help you design to well-documented specifications and standards like ISO 62366. You need to be able to model the form, fit, and user interface aspects of the design up-front. You need tools that interact well with MCAD and industrial design without holding you back on requirements and ECO checklists.


Thursday, 4th September 2020 | 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Join for the live session on how we can design Ergonomic, Usable Medical Devices.

  • How an ECAD tool can collaborate with the MCAD tool in realtime.
  • How a creepage and clearance distances defined in PCB design rules can govern parts placement, and this can be pushed back to MCAD for a design compromise.
  • How we can track the changes of your Project
  • How we can configuration and report generation of multiple layer stack sub-sets for fabricating flexible, rigid-flex, and embedded component cavities.
  • How we can design the rigid-flex designs
  • How we can check the real-time 3D clearance checking where the component bodies will interfere when folded
  • Ability to import and export STEP files
  • How to manage the data by giving the right access to the right data and configurations to the correct people


Watch the Live webinar here