Techday Consumer Electronics


All the problems a design can face, multiplied by mass production.

On the surface, consumer electronics can seem like the easiest market to design for. While keeping marketing and graphic design people happy with your design, you also have to figure out how to make sure this new product is going to pass regulatory requirements for safety, EMC, and environmental laws. At the same time, feature creep, last minute changes, and unavailable components can cause fatal delays to the product launch, leaving the market wide open for competitors.


You’ll need to be able to ramp up production quantities fast if you’re going to make successful consumer electronics. Every added step to the assembly line and every extra second needed to install, fasten, bolt down, or press a board in place costs money. You need tools that will allow collaboration with mechanical design counterparts to guarantee assembly efficiency. You need tools that allow you to decide up front how to optimally place components and shape the board for installation. And this all must be done while maintaining the product’s design aesthetics.


Friday, 11th September 2020 | 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

This Live-webinar will cover:

  • How we can define the design Rules and Templates
  • How we can define a board shape from the 3D model part
  • How we can create rigid-flex or flex PCB assemblies for ergonomic and hand-held devices. 
  • How we can create Smart PDF documents for service and assembly staff.
  • How we can easily find components that meet conditions and environmental demands.
  • How we can link the component supplier solutions directly to parts in your schematic.
  • How we can get accurate costing reports using supply chain solutions directly from the design to your bill of materials. 
  • How we can manage Sheets for reuse, Hierarchical design.