Robotics & Industrial Systems

Electronics used for robotics & industrial systems need to be especially durable and rugged to hold up in harsh conditions, all while maintaining long service lives. At the same time, you need to follow strict industrial SIL and IEC standards, and create unique design features and form factors for an industrial setting. How do you overcome all of this while differentiating your product in the electronics marketplace?


You wouldn’t design for robotics & industrial environment in the same way as you would any other. You have to worry about producing boards that can hold up in these harsh conditions, and that means a whole slew of additional considerations, including shock and vibration, temperature extremes, moisture and dust. How can you design your products to meet the demands and rigors of an industrial environment?


Friday, 25th September 2020 | 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

This Live-webinar will cover:

  • How we can visualize and design your board in Native 3D to see exactly how it will appear in the real world.
  • How rigid-flex design tools let you easily create flexible electronics, and visualize folding and clearance in 3D.
  • How we can integrate mechanical STEP models directly onto your board for housings and component bodies. 
  • How we can get accurate costing reports using supply chain solutions directly from the design to your bill of materials and lifecycle management

Recorded Webinar