Cradle CFD scFLOW is general-purpose thermo-fluid simulation software using hybrid mesh to represent the surface shape with high accuracy. Its characteristics include a sophisticated mesh generation system, high-speed computing, low memory consumption, and user-friendly features throughout the operation. You can obtain simulation results in a short time without stress.


Mesh-adaptation analysis 

With this function, the mesh will be automatically refined where a flow or pressure changes greatly in a steady-state analysis. After the calculation in Solver is completed, the Preprocessor automatically launches and executes gridding and meshing based on the calculation result. 

Fluid-structure interaction

This option is used for two-way FSI (fluid-structure interaction) with structural analysis software. With this option, not only rigid bodies but also elastic bodies can be treated. The deformation of an object caused by a fluid force and the change of fluid caused by the deformation can be analyzed.

Aerodynamic noise analysis

The sound caused by pressure oscillation of a fluid, such as wind noise, and the sound caused by resonance can be predicted. The calculation can be performed accurately by using LES and the weak compressible flow model.


When a target phenomenon is in a small range and the phenomenon is affected by a wide range of its surrounding area, analysis results of the surrounding area can be used to analyze the target phenomenon as boundary conditions to decrease the calculation load.

Free surface (steady-state/transient)

The shape of an interface between a gas and a liquid can be simulated. Calculations by the VOF method (new method: FIRM) are fast and accurate, and functions including moving boundary, overset mesh, and particle tracking can be used in combination.

*Only scFLOW supports FIRM