GSASMSPL have partnered up with add2, which is an engineering services and mechatronic solutions provider. It specializes in off-the-shelf and turnkey test, RCP and real-time simulation systems. It also produces bespoke low-volume electronic control solutions. They provide a range of products, allowing systems incorporating real-time embedded control to be tested. Add2 caters their products to various organizations in the aerospace, automotive design industries. Furthermore, add2 is reputed for best testing and simulation tools across the globe.


COMMDongle (USB CAN Interface Adapter)

The COMMDongle range is a family of USB communications interface adapters for testing, development and diagnostic applications.
COMMDongle USB To CAN Interface AdapterDesigned for use with VISUALCONNX and other third-party software, COMMDongle products initially support one or more CAN communications buses. They are used in the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors and assist HIL systems interfacing, bus monitoring, and communications data logging.

Genix-HIL With Configurable Signal Conditioning

Genix is a family of technologies offering distributed and rack-based hardware-in-the-loop testing with fault insertion capability.

Genix HIL System With Configurable Signal ConditioningThe Genie brand represents add2’s patented technology, which covers software re-configurable signal conditioning.

It provides a range of agile HIL testing capacity and measurement products, featuring software re-configurable interfaces.

Dynamic Test Board Vehicle Simulator

The Dynamic Test Board vehicle simulator range enhances functional testing by allowing greater test depth before the prototyping stage.


The range has applications during the breadboard (aka lab-car/ yellow-board /plywood buck) design phases of automotive control systems testing. It simulates key signals including the crankshaft, CAM shaft, wheel speed, quiescent current, fuel levels and supply current, meaning components can be tested as if connected to a real vehicle.

It can also assist with a range of EMC standards and robustness testing processes, as required.

GTU-Genix Automotive Production Test Unit

The Genix Automotive Production Test Unit provides a means of performing a number of electrical and communications tests on components at assembly stations during manufacture.

Common devices tested include parking sensors, gesture sensors, PED sensors, cameras, and headlamps. The unit is appropriate for the end of line testing of vehicle sub-assemblies such as bumpers and spoilers. It’s capable of providing both continuity and functionality testing using a range of protocols, for example using LIN, CAN or PSI5.

LVTGO-VBS – Low Voltage EMC Standards Tester

The LVTGO-VBS helps you to develop electrical systems that are more robust, and that achieve the necessary industry compliance standards. The LVT range is designed to test from prototype design stages right through to complete vehicle tests, using either standards or your own voltage profiles.

The system does this by delivering sequences of voltage waveforms that are close to known failure values, and that can be parameterized, randomized and repeated. It is able to simulate the effects of engine cranking, harness degradation, conducted noise, and long-term battery drain, and includes profiles for standards such as ISO 16750, CI265 and LV124.

So, the LVTGO-VBS helps to identify more issues with prototype control modules throughout the vehicle development cycle.

MICROGen – Programmable ECU & CAN Gateway

MICROGen is a control prototyping hardware and software system. It has a range of uses, including as a communications gateway, during testing and for Rapid Control Prototyping.
It can be used as an interface device from CAN to LIN or CAN to CAN in a laboratory, attribute prototype or automotive mule prototype vehicle.

It is a real-time testing device. MICROGen can function as a virtual ECU, modeled in Simulink, and can integrate physically within prototype vehicles.

The range also simulates automotive communications networks to facilitate the testing of controllers.

VISUALCONNX – Real-time Hardware Interfacing Package

VISUALCONNX is a visualization and control software product, allowing real-time hardware or software interfacing, monitoring, and logging.It allows real-time human-machine interfaces to be created quickly and linked to the real-time interface with ease.

Sens-X – In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

Sens-X intelligent sensors offer a range of high dynamic range sensor hardware for the capture of specialist current measurements. Their applications include the measurement of current across large ranges and within fuse receptacles or boxes.

The range helps engineers to isolate low power or quiescent current issues within a system, via a methodology that is fast and convenient. Sens-X current measurement systems are available from a small number of fuses, up to entire vehicles.

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