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Automotive Embedded Solutions

3 07, 2018

Catch the Bus – Programmable ECU


CatchTheBus® is a freely programmable ECU with a focus on the bus communication systems. CatchTheBus® supports several communication buses: FlexRay CAN CAN FD LIN Powerline communication Ethernet RS232. Thereby CatchTheBus® is the optimal solution for control units (Rapid Control Prototyping), gateways, remaining bus simulations, and signal manipulations. Request a Quote [...]

Catch the Bus – Programmable ECU2019-05-13T12:57:53+05:30
3 11, 2017

Software verification tools-Rapita Systems


On-Target Verification Solutions From Rapita Systems Rapita observed the growth of Embedded software and systems on aircraft are being fueled by a mix of technology advances, system requirements, policy developments and it has “grown exponentially”; over the last 20 years as analog systems have morphed into digital systems. As the cockpits get more sophisticated [...]

Software verification tools-Rapita Systems2020-05-22T16:19:21+05:30
2 07, 2017

System Testing and Simulation tools


GSASMSPL have partnered up with add2, which is an engineering services and mechatronic solutions provider. It specializes in off-the-shelf and turnkey test, RCP and real-time simulation systems. It also produces bespoke low-volume electronic control solutions. They provide a range of products, allowing systems incorporating real-time embedded control to be tested. Add2 caters their products [...]

System Testing and Simulation tools2021-04-23T15:23:07+05:30


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