The GSAS LPC 1768 is a development and evaluation board that is built on the NXP LPC1768 platform, an ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller for embedded applications featuring system enhancements such as enhanced debug features and a higher level of support block integration.


With it’s extensive features and capabilities it is a board that can accelerate your development with ARM-based products. This board also serves as an excellent educational tool for training of next generation embedded engineers at educational establishments.

[Feature list]

  • Powered by PC’s USB port.
  • Communicates with host PC through its on-board serial port – Rs 232C/USB Port  which is provided for In-System-Programming
  • On-chip 512K bytes Flash, 64k Bytes RAM are available to user
  • Provision for USB Plug in device interface
  • Two on-chip UART ports are terminated on 9 pin D type (Female) connectors J1 and J2
  • Provision for CAN interface (CAN0 and CAN1 are terminated on two 9 Pin D type (male) connectors J5 and J6
  • USB interface uses the standard USB connector for the full speed USB 2.0 peripheral of LPC 1768 device
  • SD memory card connector that supports a wide range of memory cards
  • The status of the port lines can be monitored through on board 8 LED’s
  • Color QVGA TFT LCD with touch screen is available for the user interface
  • On board RESET switch and INT switch
  • Provision for onboard keyboard connector and speaker
  • On-chip 2 analog voltage controllers for ADC input
  • The prototyping area provides pads for connecting ports
  • Flexible configuration using jumpers
  • On-chip I2C and SPI interfaces are available to user
  • Provision for on board Ethernet connector
  • GSAS LPC 1768 Provides two 8 digit 7 segment displays and 4×4 matrix Hex keypad
  • On-board JTAG connector is provided for connecting JTAG based debuggers
  • On Board 20 pin JTAG connector for debugging/programming various applications
  • On board power supply connector and 26 pin FRC connector are available for interfacing the GSAS LPC 1768 board to some of the GSAS Interface Modules such as Seven Segment Display, Elevator, Traffic Lights, Dual DAC, Txdr ADCetc.,

[Technical Specifications]

  • MCU : NXP LPC 1768
  • MCU clock : 100 Mhz
  • On-chip RAM : 64KB
  • On-chip Flash : 512KB
  • Serial Ports : 2(On-chip)
  • CAN Ports : 2(On-chip)
  • USB Interface : 1(On-chip)
  • PCB Size : 170 X 202 mm
  • JTAG Interface : 20 Pin standard connector
  • Power connector : Standard USB connector

[Supplied Accesories]

  • LPC 1768 Evaluation board
  • USB Cable
  • Driver software CD
  • User manual

[Optional Accesories]

  • Debugger
  • GSAS PS M2 5V@ 3A; ±12V @250mA; +30V@100mA

[Minimum PC Requirements]

  • Standard Pentium PC with USB port & CD
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista OS.
  • 300MB of Hard disk space.
  • 512MB of RAM.