DC Bias Current Test System

DC Bias Source Testing System combines the impedance analyzer 6632 with a DC bias source. This system is capable of analyzing the saturation characteristics of inductors, coils, ferrites, and magnetic cores. Additionally, it provides testing for the relative permeability (μr) to analyze key properties of magnetic materials. The system supports magnetic saturation current and temperature rises current scanning analysis, providing research and development engineers with fast and accurate current curve variations.

  • Current and frequency graphic scanning analysis
  • Frequency response 100Hz-30MHz /10MHz/3MHz
  • DC Bias Current Output Max.320A/120A/60A/20A
  • DCR Measurement function
  • Built-in the Permeability-μr
  • Long-term consecutive maximum power output
  • Direct Handler interfaces control through an Impedance Analyzer
  • Support meter mode and list mode, sweep mode