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22 09, 2023

AD Pro (ADP5250)


Designed to combine a complete set of instruments into a flexible and programmable device, the ADP5250 features a mixed-signal oscilloscope with two 100 MHz bandwidths, 1 GS/s analog channel, 34 digital channels, a tri-output power supply capable of up to 25 V, an external trigger, Waveform Generator, and a built-in programmable DMM. This is [...]

AD Pro (ADP5250)2023-09-22T10:11:35+05:30
19 07, 2023

Analog Discovery Studio


The Analog Discovery Studio is a fully functional, portable test and measurement device that can turn any cross-functional space into a pop-up electronics laboratory. Equipped with 13 instruments, including an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Generator, and more; the Analog Discovery Studio provides an entire stack of bench-top instruments with a convenient, replaceable, [...]

Analog Discovery Studio2023-07-28T11:46:34+05:30
19 07, 2023

Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Series


Analog Discovery Pro 3000 series provide the utility of professional benchtop equipment with the flexibility of a portable instrument.   With myriad choices available for test and measurement devices, adding to your benchtop can be a  daunting task, especially sorting through which features on your new instrument are included versus what you'll need to pay [...]

Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Series2023-07-19T11:01:08+05:30
18 07, 2023

Analog Discovery 2


Analog Discovery 2 is a USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds. This compact Equipment is small enough to be a pocket oscilloscope, but powerful enough to replace a stack of lab oscilloscopes and equipment, providing engineering professionals, students, [...]

Analog Discovery 22023-07-18T15:36:34+05:30
18 07, 2023

Digital Discovery


Digital signals are prolific in the engineering world making conveniently interpreting and producing digital signals a critical part of the engineer's benchtop. Traditional logic analyzers are typically designed for a specific system with set specifications. The Digital Discovery was designed to be the most flexible logic analyzer on the market, able to be reconfigured [...]

Digital Discovery2023-07-18T14:36:00+05:30
3 07, 2023

Analog Discovery 3


Analog Discovery 3 is a portable USB-powered test and measurement device, though it now features an upgraded USB-C® connection. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack, so it becomes an exceptional companion for any engineer. The Analog Discovery 3 boasts a larger-than-ever buffer size, allowing more data to be [...]

Analog Discovery 32023-07-04T09:30:15+05:30
13 06, 2023

Digilent USB Oscilloscopes


USB Oscilloscopes, Analyzers and Signal Generators Digilent's selection of USB oscilloscopes and test and measurement devices (Discovery family) may seem small, but each device contains an entire benchtop worth of instruments. Each product is designed to be the first stop in debugging and testing targeted at Analog and/or Digital signals. Lovingly referred to as [...]

Digilent USB Oscilloscopes2023-09-22T10:13:55+05:30
13 06, 2023

Digilent PC based TMI Solutions


Test & Measurement Equipment Your own professional electronics benchtop. No lab or office is required. Designed with portability in mind, our test and measurement solutions combine the feel and functionality of a professional lab bench with a flexible software user experience. Whether you are a professional seeking the freedom to test designs in [...]

Digilent PC based TMI Solutions2023-07-18T14:20:49+05:30
4 01, 2018

Test and Measuring Instruments


With a strong focus on high quality, economical test and measuring solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, GSAS Microsystems Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of Test and Measuring Instruments. Moreover, GSASMSPL is the official distributors for Good Will Instrument from Taiwan. Popularly known as GWINSTEK, it has developed a solid brand [...]

Test and Measuring Instruments2020-04-24T17:19:08+05:30
26 07, 2015

GWINSTEK Digital Multimeters


Products offered by GSAS as distributors for GW Instek for the Digital Meter group, we provide 6 ½ digits, 5 ½ digits, 4 ½ digits, as well as 3 ½ digits benchtop multimeters, 4 ½, and lower digit handheld multimeters. Name: 6 1/2 Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter, GDM-8261A Display: [...]

GWINSTEK Digital Multimeters2018-01-12T15:19:59+05:30
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