Power Meter

MICROTEST 7120 power meter provides a frequency bandwidth of 15Hz to 100kHz. It supports up to 0th-order harmonic analysis and has a maximum crest factor of 9 (CF9) for current waveforms. It can measure various parameters related to power supplies, including power, voltage, current, power factor, phase, and more. It is suitable for AC/DC and DC/DC power products.

  • AC / DC Dual amp/watt-hour meter
  • Wide range 0.001W-16KW
  • Connection software attached
  • Standby Power D.P.I. of 0.001W
  • With crest factor ratio display
  • Up to the 50 levels of harmonic wave analysis capability
  • 1000 sets of measurement data storage space
  • The current crest factor is the highest CF9