Pattern Generators

Active Technologies Data Pattern Generators offer a complete and unique portfolio of instruments to address a wide range of applications starting from Digital Logic and Semiconductors characterization, Aerospace & Defense compliance testing, Mixed Signal Systems testing to Signal Integrity experiments.

Active Technologies offers two different product families/solutions:

  • The Digital Pattern Generator product family: DPG

The DPG option allows you to create digital stimuli synchronous with analog channels to test and debug Mixed-Signal applications: they can be used for FPGA / peripheral / ASIC emulation and stimulation, protocol level testing setup/hold verification, production test, mixed signal testing and general digital stimulus.Up to 32 digital channel @ 1.2 GSps per instruments support different electrical standards like LVDS or LV-TTL.

The Pulse Pattern Generator product family: PPG

The Pulse Pattern Generator family is designed to generate a stream of binary information. The binary data stream is generated through the front panel BNC/SMA connectors.
With up to 8 channels of data stream, built-in PRBS sequences, modulation features, transition shaping and the flexibility of a powerful analog front end, the SPG is the perfect tool to address the most challenging application where the digital data should be modelled with analog characteristics.