Pulse Generator


The flexible architecture of our systems enables the creation of a Multi-Channel Pulse Generator within a streamlined, compact design. Active Technologies’ Pulse Generators are engineered to facilitate both continuous and triggered pulse sequences, providing unparalleled adaptability for tackling even the most demanding applications. This capability ensures that users can efficiently manage a wide range of requirements, from precise timing to complex waveform generation, making our pulse generators ideal for advanced research, development, and testing scenarios across various scientific and industrial fields:

  • big physics
  • automated testing
  • microwaves
  • modulators
  • wireless communication
  • medical and chemistry.

The combination of:

  • fast edge generation
  • excellent dynamic range
  • Easy-to-use user interface

go perfectly on large experiment areas such:

  • colliders
  • lasers modulations
  • detectors
  • strips silicon emulation.

Radar or Sonar systems perfectly match these generators to better test and prove complex detection systems.

Active Technologies Fast Pulse Generator solutions allow to generate sub-nanosecond pulses as well as wide amplitude pulses up to 24V

Pulse Generators – Key Features

  • Fast Pulse Generator: 70 ps Rise/Fall time @ 5Vpp
  • Experiment areas: colliders, laser modulations, detectors, and strips silicon emulation.
  • Double, triple, quadruple pulse mode
  • Sub-nano second pulse generation
  • Advanced research, Radar, and Lidar applications

PG-1000 series

No. of Channels: 2/4

Data Output: Single / Double/Triple /Quad pulse mode only

Rise/Fall Time (20%-80%) : 70ps (fixed)

Amplitude into 50 Ohm: 0 to 5 Vpp (Programmable)

Base Line Offset: +/-2.5V

Min. Pulse Width: 300ps

PG-1500 series

No. of Channels: 1/2

Data Output: Single / Double/Triple /Quad pulse mode only

Rise/Fall Time (20%-80%): 400 ps (fixed)

Amplitude into 50 Ohm: 0 to 50 Vpp (Programmable)

Base Line Offset: +/-25V

Min. Pulse Width: 1ns