Motor Rotor Testing System

MICROTEST MT-6920 Rotor Testing System provides a one-stop testing system for motor rotors, integrating high and low-voltage testing. It uses four-wire technology to measure DC resistance and combines AC/DC withstand voltage, insulation impedance, inter-coil short circuit, and welding resistance testing into a single workstation. Customized test fixtures can be designed based on the customer’s rotor coil requirements.

MT-6920 supports 24/48 sets of test channel

Motor Rotor Testing System
MT-6920 (24/48 Channel)


  • 24/48 Channels
  • Hipot/Leakage Current
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Winding Layer Short Test
  • Resistance Welding Test
  • Inductance Test
  • It can test multiple sets of DUTs simultaneously
  • 4-Wire DC Resistance measurement will be more accurate than others
  • The Impulse/Surge with waveform comparison is a non-destructive analysis
  • Chinese/English screen could be switched arbitrarily