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20 09, 2021

Webinar | Efficient Polygon Practice in Altium Designer


Creating, Deleting, and modifying the polygon pours on your board is something you do every day but are you doing it in the quickest most efficient way? The copper pours you place on your board can make or break your product. You need to make sure you’re handling not only Analog and Digital power [...]

Webinar | Efficient Polygon Practice in Altium Designer2021-09-29T18:14:28+05:30
27 06, 2017

Thermal Risk Management Tools


Thermal Risk Management (TRM) - Thermal Simulator for electronic cards An electronic card must work up to a given temperature limit and this depends on the dissipation of the components and the heating of the tracks, taking into account the drop in voltage and intensity and the aeration and ventilation conditions. The [...]

Thermal Risk Management Tools2020-03-27T13:06:51+05:30
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