If you are smart, ambitious, and have the appetite to learn new stuff and do what it takes, we have an opening for you. What we need is self-motivated and self-driven technocrats with a passion and a drive to excel.

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● Assist customer to understand all products and perform a demo for various field applications.
● Install and configure the system and perform troubleshoot on the process and resolve issues.
● Provide technical support to customers and configure services.
● Analyze a customer requirement and ensure the product meets customer requirements appropriately.
● Administer various field applications for customers and provide support to different requirements.
● Develop and determine various product features, perform tests and prepare documents for the same.
● Participate in technical meetings and prepare training programs for subordinates.
● Manage and update the database for customer information.
● Assist Quotation Manager and design appropriate proposals.
● Participate in various training programs.
● Analyze applications and recommend expert advice for the same.
● Maintain knowledge of industry trends and train them accordingly.

Job Details:
● Maintain customer records and follow-up accordingly.
● Preferred to have Knowledge of CRM.
● Prepare to travel in and out of India.
● Favorable, if there’s previous experience in the field of design and development of embedded systems or related.
● Preferred having knowledge of any of the products or services GSASMSPL provides.
● To know more about GSASMSPL products and services visit

Salary: 2L – 5L per Annum (Negotiable based on Experience and Knowledge)
Job Type: Full time
Work Place: Hyderabad

Do you want a change from writing test cases, typing code, writing reams of documents. Here is an opportunity for you. We have openings for sales engineering positions. Sales engineering calls for the application of engineering knowledge to the sale of technical products. Sales Engineers will work closely with the sales team and help the sales team with customer engagements like showing demos, building POCs, troubleshooting customers’ problems via web demos, answering support questions, etc. They retain their skills of engineering and use them in the area of sales. They act as a bridge between the customer and the engineering team. They play a vital role in product management by providing feedback to the Engineering team on the kinds of features that customers would love to see in the product.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Comprehensive networking knowledge
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and product presentation skills
  • A minimum of 1- 2 years of experience in software product marketing/customer relations. People who have spent 1-2 years in a technical call center can also apply.
  • If you don’t have experience, you can still apply if you have flair in marketing and customer relations.

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