6 11, 2023

PathWave Electrical Performance Scan


Introducing EP-Scan 2024 The ultimate companion for PCB design teams Signal integrity is the backbone of successful PCB designs. EP-Scan offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines your PCB design journey. With EP-Scan, you can: Adjust stack up properties: Understand the impact of substrate stack-up properties on performance Check against specifications: Apply specifications on impedance, [...]

PathWave Electrical Performance Scan2023-11-23T10:36:33+05:30
8 11, 2022

Altium Subscription Plans


Altium Designer Software Subscription Levels STANDARD Productivity For Designers For professional PCB designers and engineers to design PCBs with ease. What you get: World-class design capabilities Centralized platform to store and access all design assets Browser-based access for easy sharing with any stakeholder Real-time supply chain data accessible [...]

Altium Subscription Plans2022-12-09T10:00:06+05:30
2 11, 2022

Power Analyzer


Power Analyzer Power Analyzer, by Keysight Technologies, is a new extension application for the Altium Designer user interface that gives designers sophisticated power analysis capabilities without any specialized training. With just a few clicks, you can quickly assess the integrity of your power distribution network. The roadmap for Power Analyzer includes a variety of [...]

Power Analyzer2023-01-25T14:54:23+05:30
30 07, 2022

Altium Features


Altium Designer Features Altium Designer comes with a full set of powerful features for creating outstanding PCB designs. Variant Manager Meet the demands of a globalized market that requires unique versions of your PCBs Layer Stackup Design Manage More Than Your PCB Layer Stack [...]

Altium Features2023-02-01T11:42:42+05:30


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