Logic Analyzers and Protocol Analyzers

13 08, 2020

USB Product guide


Get Quote Reach Us at If you require any quick support or to enquire about our products, please get in touch with us via the methods below: sales@gsasmspl.com info@gsasmspl.com +91 80 2349 6051/52 +91 98450 98535 [...]

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6 09, 2018

Logic cum Protocol Analayzers


Logic Analyzers and Protocol analyzers are indispensable tools for an embedded systems engineer. Protocol analyzers work by capturing the data across the communication bus in embedded systems while logic analyzers are widely used for testing complex digital or logic circuits and help you minimize project risk by providing the most reliable, accurate measurements and [...]

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31 08, 2018

Advanced Protocol Analyzers from Total Phase


GSASMSPL has partnered up with Total Phase, whose expertise lies in embedded systems solutions, to provide intelligent visibility into embedded systems with the help of their range of affordable, high-quality, and powerful protocol analyzers for anyone working in the embedded systems environment. The simplicity, ease of use, and integration of Total Phase products have [...]

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3 01, 2018

Logic & Protocol-Analysers


LAP F Series LAP F1-40 Sample rate (State mode): Up to 200 MHz (Dual-edge) Sample rate (Timing mode): Up to 1 GHz Acquisition channels: 40 Memory per channel: 4Mb, 8Mb, 16Mb, 32Mb or 64Mb 6 protocol triggers (hardware): I2C, I2S, SPI, SVID, UART, CAN2.0B More than 110 built-in protocol [...]

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30 04, 2014

GSAS Lap C Series


We offer 6 variants of the LAP-C Logic analyzers. [toggle title="LAP-C (162000+) Logic Century"] Internal Sampling Frequency: 100Hz~200MHz RAM Size: 64Mbits Memory Depth per Channel: 2Mbits Trigger Channel: 16CH PC-Based Interface Use USB1.1 (2.0) to supply power Logic Century has been designed to work with an oscilloscope to enable both analog and digital [...]

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30 04, 2014

GSAS LAP – B Series


We offer two models of the LAP-B Logic Analyzer from Zeroplus. A comparison of these two variants is given below. You can find more model specific information in the next section. In case you need help please feel free to contact us. [box title="Model# 702000X"] [toggle title="Specifications"] Sampling Rate Internal Clock (Timing)(Asynchronous): LSMC → 333MHz HSFC → [...]

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