Cable Harness Tester

MICROTEST Cable Harness Tester is an all-in-one unit that combines continuity impedance, open/short circuit, resistance value, safety compliance withstand voltage insulation, and component testing functions. It supports test channels with options for 64/128/256/512/1024 points, with a maximum AC withstand voltage of 1000V and DC withstand voltage of up to 1500V. This versatile tool is used for testing the electrical characteristics of wires, connectors, PCB/FPC, and more, and it comes with PC connectivity software.

4-Wire Cable Harness Tester

For low-resistance products at the 1mΩ level, you can opt for the four-wire measurement technology available in the 8761/8761K series. This system provides continuity, open/short circuit, safety withstand voltage insulation and component (resistor/capacitor/diode) testing functions.

2-Wire Cable Harness Tester

8740/8740K series employs two-wire measurement technology, providing a comprehensive set of testing functions including continuity impedance, open/short circuit, safety withstand voltage insulation, and component (resistor/capacitor/diode) testing for assessing the electrical quality of wire harnesses and connectors.

USB Type-C Cable Tester

8761NAC is a specialized testing solution designed for USB Type-C products. It supports connector loop orientation recognition for both sides of the USB Type-C connector and offers efficient short-circuit testing. It provides testing points for 64/128 connections.