22 12, 2017

Intel uC & uP Boards


Micro Controller Boards GSAS MCB 51 GSAS MCB51 is a development board and supports a wide variety of 8051 (with on-chip ROM) compatible 8-bit micro-controllers. The 8051 family of micro-controllers are extensively used for embedded and real-time applications. This board is designed to be a general-purpose development board for single-chip MCU applications. The [...]

Intel uC & uP Boards2021-06-23T15:16:58+05:30
30 04, 2014



GSAS-86/88E is an economical version of our advanced microprocessor trainer GSAS-86/88-3. It is a powerful, general-purpose microprocessor trainer which can be operated either with 8086 CPU or 8088 CPU in maximum mode of operation. It can be configured for different modes of operation. […]

GSAS 86E2023-11-06T15:31:17+05:30
30 04, 2014

GSAS 86/88-A


GSAS 86/88-A is an advanced version of our popular model GSAS 86/88-A. It is a powerful, general-purpose 16-bit microprocessor trainer. The system expansion can be easily done through the system bus connectors.GSAS 86/88-A comes with a keyboard monitor, serial monitor, single line assembler, disassembler, and driver programs for parallel printer [...]

GSAS 86/88-A2023-11-06T15:36:56+05:30


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